For six years the international program has been offered, and consistently receives high praise from participating school
leaders.  This is the third year of collaboration with Dr. Evans & UCI's Tier II program; and candidates can be assured of
the same high-quality, international experience.  Here are a few alumni comments:  

"The experience offered me, as a busy administrator, the opportunity to have an "out of the box" intensive
experience that furthered my leadership skills and help me to expand my perspective of educational
administration - gaining an international perspective!"
-Loretta Whitson, Commissioner, California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) & Executive
Director of the California Association of School Counselors

"What an experience!! This was an opportunity of a lifetime to complete Tier II. It was incredibly challenging to
complete the competency requirements but it was amazing how I was able to understand and take a closer look
at my abilities. It was an educational and cultural enlightenment. And it gave me such a rich perspective and
educational opportunity."
Karen Gerhard, Principal, Capistrano Unified SD

"The experience was invaluable because it required a more complex level of adult learning and it perfectly
integrated the discrete functions of cultural competence, communication, problem solving, organizational skills
and time management, application of technology, and understanding of effective ELD practice."
-Grace LaTegola, Director of Categorical Programs and Grants, Grossmont Union High SD

"The Tier II program in Thailand was an extraordinary and wonderful experience for me. It provided the
opportunity to look at educational leadership, schools, professional collaboration and culture."
-Martin Griffin, High School Principal, Escondido Unified SD

"Thailand was the BEST thing I have ever done professionally and personally. I am so happy to have had the
opportunity to visit that beautiful people and country. I loved every minute of the experience."
-Joni Siegel, Assistant High School Principal, Chaffey Joint Union High School District

“I had the good fortune to be able to attend Dr. Orozco’s class in Thailand and it was a remarkable experience.  
Classes like hers are wonderful opportunities.
-Debra Quan, Director of Human Resources, San Rafael City Schools

The program's biggest promoters and supporters have been the alumni.  We encourage you to contact any of
the alumni (by using the Alumni webpage & email address) and ask for yourself about this amazing
international leadership opportunity.  Their advice can usually be condensed into two letters, "Go!".

International Program for School Leaders