Dr. Linda Orozco

Our team of 9 California
administrators worked in
Chiang Mai, Thailand in July
2009.  They completed an
international  leadership
certificate program combined
with work on Tier II,
California's Professional
Administrative Credential.

Amporn Suwanpratet is our Thai coordinator in
Chiang Mai.  Her knowledge, patience and kind
spirit guides our team to all things 'Thai'.  
Thanks for all her help arranging the hotel, the
visit to the "Monk University', Old Chiang Mai
Cultural Center, Thai cooking class, and many all
other special assistance!
Ka-poon-kaa, Amporn!
Beautiful Chiang Mai,
From moat to mountains...
A visit to the United States Consulate
in Chiang Mai, Thailand & meeting
with Consular Officer Alex Barrasso.
The Old Thai Cultural Center introduced the
team to Thai music, dancing and food, too.
Chiang Mai
University warmly
welcomed our team
with a meeting with
the Dean &
Associate Dean of
the Faculty of
The Demonstration
School at Chiang Mai
University.  A meeting
& discussion with
administrators, &
school tour by students.
Local Transportation: Cheap, fast
and fun!  The 'Red Bus' (song-tao)....
Writing in Thai is HARD... But
our Handwriting Champs in
'Thai' were David Gottlieb &
Greg Stanley.  
Congratulations!!!   Pictured
here, with our Thai Judge,
But WHO tried to BRIBE the Judge??  Hmmm? >>>>>
OK, OK--  they weren't working IN the pool, but it was HOT.
Working to complete a 23-document portfolio in 2
weeks?  YES!  Candidates found various venues to
focus on their professional assignments.
A school focused on serving hilltribe students is
Suksasongkro School.  We met with school
administrators, toured the school, observed
classes, and donated gifts to this very deserving
school population.
Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya College at Wat Suan Dok
Candidates try their
hand at Thai cooking.
International professional development--  work, fun and global adventure....
Our culminating luncheon to recognize candidates' completion of a Certificate
in International Leadership; & finalizing the requirements for the Tier II
Credential. Congratulations!

CONGRATULATIONS to our 6th 'Thai Team'
of California School Administrators!  
Bravo for their adventurous spirit, international savvy and

Mistie Barela Partnership for Los Angeles Schools
Esther Benjamin-Gas, Los Angeles Unified School District
Elizabeth Bernal Partnership for Los Angeles Schools
Victoria Dye, South San Francisco Unified School District
David Gottlieb, Marin Primary & Middle School
Dennis Guikema, Urban Promise Academy, Oakland USD
Elizabeth LeBorde, Tamalpais High School
Dave Nygren, Rim of the World Unified School District
Greg Stanley, West Covina Unified School District
Dr. Linda Orozco, Director, Leadership Innovation
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