D619849D-B3D9-4CCB-BA68-EDFCD4324AFEBus, 1 hour, 7 euros
There are buses from the airport to Termini train station. Buses are located very close to baggage claim. Go outside to the sidewalk, then turn right. Just walk along the sidewalk to the end, and you’ll see the buses. Buy a ticket from the ticket window on sidewalk on the right. Only 7 euros, takes about an hour- safe, comfy, WiFi onboard, and a lovely and scenic way to enter the city. Most times it passes right by the Circus Maximus, and the Coliseum! [I prefer the bus over the train to Termini. The train costs 17e, it’s a long walk from arrival area, there’s no place to store luggage, it’s uncomfortable, theft is common, and it’s a very ugly view into Rome. While the train makes the journey in 30 min, you’ll usually have to wait 15-20 for the next train. Not worth a possible time savings to me.]

1F4853C4-63F6-4168-9204-4F7DB6BE633ATrain, 2 hrs, 39 euros.
Take a 2-hr train from Termini station to Salerno train station. 39 euros (less if u buy your ticket in advance, or take a slower train).  There are two train companies- Italo & TrenItalia. Compare prices & schedules. I prefer Italo’s sleek new trains, WiFi onboard which include free movies on your mobile device. But fewer trains. Be very careful and attentive to your belongings in Termini station.

32B0203C-2A4B-4E27-A224-6C78658155D9Bus, 1 hr, 2.5 euros
From Salerno there is a 1 hr spectacular SITA bus ride to my town, Atrani/Amalfi. The SITA bus picks up from right in front of train station, on the island in the right. Price 2.5 euros. Schedule is listed on window in travel agency located inside the station but their door faces the street, or in little cigarette stand inside train terminal. Buy tickets from either place.   Here is an online bus schedule-  SITA   Sit on same side of bus as driver for amazing views! Tell driver or any local Italian you want to get off in ATRANI. Atrani is minutes before the final stop of Amalfi.

C246D9EB-F087-4AF4-8EC5-46F3CEDD26F9ATRANI-  After bus drops you off in Atrani, notice the stairs to your left.  Go down the stairs and turn left, and you will enter Atrani’s very cute little piazza.  My favorite bar/cafe in piazza is Risacca.  It’s directly opposite the church stairs.  Order a drink and use their free WiFi.  This is where I meet visiting family and friends.

AMALFI-  If you stay on bus until the end, you’ll arrive in Amalfi.

POSITANO-  To go on to Positano, connect to Positano bus in Amalfi. 45 min ride, 2 euros.

265F92F2-E36D-49A0-9E87-C310FFEF61C7FROM NAPLES AIRPORT-  Pintour is a very convenient shuttle for 15 euros from Naples Airport to Amalfi.  It takes about 80 minutes passing through Vietri, Minori. Maiori, Atrani and Amalfi.  Make reservations using Facebook messenger, on their website or call. They speak English.  Pintour:

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