Our team of 17 California
administrators worked in Rio
de Janeiro, Brazil in April

Paulo Alves proved a wonderful Brazilian
addition to our team.  He contributed his
time to accompany the team to Maracana
Stadium for their first soccer match in the
world's largest soccer stadium!  He also
served as personal tour guide for many on
the team savvy enough to 'stick with him'
on excursions throughout the city.  He
even arrange two school visits- including a
one which included a wonderful dialog
with local students.  Thanks, Paulo!
World famous, Ipanema Beach
A visit with United States
Consulate staff in Rio de
Janeiro, Brazil
Botafogo Shopping Mall with a view!
The school in Cantagalo favela
inspired us, broke our hearts and
touched us deeply.
School in Nova Iguasu:
Colegio Estadual Sao Judas Tadeu
School at Largo do Machado:
Colegio Estadual Amara Cavalcanti
Tour and Candidate Presentations at the American
School of Rio de Janeiro
Schooner Cruise around Guanabara Bay - Rio
Love those restaurants
that charge by the weight
of the plate!
ILENE ZEITZER - International
Disability policy, working
internationally, and living abroad
Student Teacher in Rio from
Bowling Green University
Brazilian Higher Education
THANKS to our guest speakers!
Working in Rio-
simply lovely!

Thanks to our 1st 'Brazil Team' of California School Administrators!  
Bravo for their adventurous spirit, international savvy and

Claudia Barba, Davis Joint Unified School District
Barbara Bowler, South San Francisco Unified School District
Trent Cornelius, Los Angeles Unified School District
Barbara Cruse, Los Angeles Unified School District
Kelli Dove, South San Francisco Unified School District
Elaine Eger, Berkeley Unified School District
Daniel Gumarang, West Covina Unified School District
Gina Hill, Oakland Unified School District
Mina Hutchins, Emery Unified School District
Robert Meier, Los Angeles Unified School District
Kim Noble, Oakland Unified School District
Stela M. A. de Oliveira, Los Angeles Unified School District
Esther Soliman, Los Angeles Unified School District
Jenni Taylor, Los Angeles County
Gabrielle Thurmond, Emery Unified School District
Gia Truong, Oakland Unified School District
Craig Wiblemo, Arcadia Unified School District.

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