Orozco's Recommendations....

Our main meeting place will be in Ipanema, near the Praca (park) General Osorio. Ipanema is a suburb of Rio- about 40
minutes from the international airport. Candidates are free to make their own hotel or apartment reservations. However,
please make every effort to stay IN Ipanema. The US Consulate requires their American staff to LIVE in Ipanema (or
Leblon)- these areas are considered the safest areas in Rio. And there is good reason to heed their example- so please find
hotel or apartment space IN IPANEMA. You will be closer to our meeting location, each other, & in the safest area in Rio.

Let me first say, the prices of hotels and rental apartments are going thru the roof!  Rio's economy is booming- and the
prices reflect that.  Prices have doubled in the past 5 years.   And the price of real estate in IPANEMA went up an
incredible 34% in one year!  So you'll need to do some hard searching for the best deals.  Hotels tend to be much more
expensive than apartments- and with less space and amenities. Two good, but simple hotels in Ipanema are Hotel Vermont
& Hotel San Marco. These are the cheapest in the area, and are about $100-200 per night for a single room, usually the
same price for double occupancy. Other hotels in Ipanema are much more.  For example a nice option is the Sol Ipanema
hotel faces the beach, great location but will be about $300+ per night.  And do your research before you make
reservations to be sure of your selection. Note- There are some terrific hotel deals IF you buy a package- hotel + airfare.
So do shop around.
Apartments are an excellent value in Rio and most of our students have preferred this option with great results.  You can
rent an apartment for less than the price of a hotel room in Ipanema.  Renting an apartment is a great option- Larger space,
cheaper rate, bedroom(s), kitchen, internet, living room, and some have washers and dryers, too!

Be sure to consult a map online to KNOW 'where' the apartment you are considering is located. The closer to the beach,
the better not just for the proximity to the beach, but safer.  Do not rent an apartment more than 2 blocks from the beach
(or lets talk).  Barrios (favelas) of Rio are close to Ipanema & Copacabana, and you shouldn't be staying in or close to the
barrios. And negotiate. If you are staying 8 or more nights, negotiate hard- as they like American guests. It IS spring break
in Rio the week we are there, but prices shouldn't be higher. Note, there are lots of scam artists at work—never wire $,
ask for American references and CALL those references to verify the apartment.

Here is a terrific map.   Let me explain what you are looking at:  http://www.ipanema.com/citytour/map.htm
The black circle with #5 is our park-  Praca General Osorio.  My apartment is on the bottom right corner of the park.  And
my apt, will serve as our homebase.  The blue water at the bottom of the map is Ipanema Beach, while the water at the top
of the map is a lake- the Lagoa.  Best apartments, and safest will be within 2 blocks of the BEACH, between the black #1
& the park.  The Ipanema oceanfront street is yellow and named, Av. Viera Souto.  And the other yellow street above it is
R. Visc. de Piraja.  See it?  Try to find an apt. between R. Visc. de Piraja on the top and Ipanema Beach on the bottom.  
The town of Ipanema is really quite small.  It ends at the black circle #1 to the left, and at the right end of the yellow street,
R. Visc. de Piraja- only one block right of the park.  If you put your computer pointer on top of the map and drag it, it will
move.  Cool!   And if you click on the + or - signs in the upper left corner of the map, the map will get closer or further
away.  So play around with the map- very fun..   And if you go right from Ipanema, you'll find Copacabana Beach.  It's
about a 15-20 min walk from OUR park- General Osorio.  And Copacabana beach goes north from there for about 3
miles.  Although there is great shopping in Copa, a long stretch of beach, and even a daily night market, I do not
recommend it for renting an apt or hotel.

Below are my recommendations in order of preference for renting in Ipanema.

DILMA LOES     [6 Jangadeiros St., #701]     loesdilma@gmail.com
Dilma would be my first choice for an apartment in the area.  She only has only one
apartment currently, and it can be rented as a 2, 3 or 4 bedroom, with 3 baths.  It is
terrific, 1st class and loaded with amenities.  Great location, OCEAN & PARK
VIEWS. It is right around the corner from my apt.  She is a Carioca (from Rio), but
lived in Florida for several years.  She speaks great English.  Past students have loved
this apartment.  She is a personal friend I have know for over 5 years.  This is a very
safe option.  Telephone in Rio 21-9943-3637.      

DANIEL/SILVIA KAMLOT  [52 Gomes Carneiro St.] danielkamlot@yahoo.com.br
This friendly couple rents 2 terrific apts in the same building as my apartment.  Highly
recommended.  He is a professor at a local university.  One block to ocean- GREAT
Ipanema location.  Both are two bedrooms.  Excellent prices.  And owners speak
English & are personal friends.  Both have been very supportive of our program.
1. #103 - this first floor apt. has a one bedroom suite with double bed plus small maid's
room with twin bed-  both with air conditioning & TV.  Two baths.  Full kitchen,
wireless internet, fully loaded apt.  
2. #504 - this 5th floor apt includes two full bedrooms (one in-suite) with air
conditioning.  Two bathrooms. Full kitchen, wireless internet, fully loaded apt.

ADRIANA FALCAO SEARA     alugueipanema@globo.com
Adriana has 2 rental apts in the area- both are terrific.  She speaks some English.  My
students have rented from her before- and I have known her for 2 years.  Very nice lady
and safe option.  
1. She has a one bedroom apt plus small maid's room (with twin bed).  It is 2 doors
down from my apt. GREAT LOCATION, and good value for the $$.   
2. She also has a studio apt for rent.  Great location, one block to beach.
Telephone in Rio:  21-9606-5312

EDUARDO  MORAES   [52 Gomes Carneiro St., #702]   eduardo.cm@uol.com.br
This 7th floor apt. is also in my building and has OCEAN & PARK views.  It is a lovely
& spacious one bedroom (queen bed) with full kitchen, wireless internet, washer and
dryer, etc.  Lovely option.  Owner says it sleeps 4 (sofabed?).  I have been neighbors
with this owner for several years, so this is also a safe option, although sometimes he
doesn't respond to inquiries.   

ANDIARA 'Andy' MACEDO    andiaramacedo@gmail.com
Andiara owns two apts on my street, with one in my building.  Her prices are high, in my
opinion.  But location is excellent.  We have been neighbors for 4 years, so safe option.
1. A studio apt. in my building.  Upgraded kitchen.  Faces front of building with
OCEAN (lateral) & PARK views.  Lots of room for a studio, but expensive at about
$180US per night.
2.  Andy also has a one-bedroom apt 2 doors from my building.  This apt. is pretty
weathered, with older, simple furniture, but roomy.  Limited kitchen area-so ask exactly
what's in the kitchen. She's asking $150US a night at the present time.

NERU    nereuac@hotmail.com     http://www.globecondos.com
I met Neru when I rented in Ipanema. He manages ALOT of apts in Ipanema.  He is
professional, friendly, and aims to please. I like him alot and would rent from him
anytime. I had a minor problem with one apt, and he quickly offered me another. Three
of our students rented 3 different apartments in the same great building from Neru. Ask
about the several studio apts on Prudente de Morais St.- great location!  

ALUGUE TEMPORADA     http://www.aluguetemporada.com.br
This is a website with over 250 apartments in Ipanema, alone.  But it is IN Portuguese.  
For those adventurous enough to try a Portuguese website- this one is great.  You will
have to email each owner. And be sure to check references & ask me to check out
addresses of any you are considering.  This is a massive website, with too many owners
to assure reliability.  So great option, but do your homework.

GRINGO MANAGEMENT    http://www.gringomanagement.com
Check out the apts online.  I have rented from them twice in the past- honest, WILL
NEGOTIATE, and fair--- but check the locations.. Unfortunately their prices seem to be
going up considerably.  

AIRBNB     http://www.airbnb.com
Airbnb is an interesting website.  You can search around the website then contact the
owner for details.  And be sure to check references, addresses, etc.  There are simply
too many apts and owners to assure reliability.  So do your homework.

VERMONT HOTEL        http://hotelvermont.com.br/novo
Vermont Hotel- is the best 'reasonably priced' backup plan, if you can't find an apt you
want.  It is 2 blocks from the park, the beach.  Great location, but VERY simple small
rooms, no kitchens nor internet(?) in the rooms.  I used to stay here alot, before I bought
my apt-- pretty simple and basic.  Double occupancy includes daily breakfast and maid
service.  Current prices: 350r per night =  $200US  per day.

SAN MARCO HOTEL    http://sanmarcohotel.net/index.html
There is another hotel about 6 blocks from our park in Ipanema called the San Marco,  
Very simple and basic, with some tiny or funky shaped rooms.  This is the cheapest hotel
in Ipanema- other than some youth hostels.  I stayed here just once, because the
Vermont Hotel was full.  Too rustic for my taste.  Current rates begin at 195r = $111US
for two persons.

OTHER HOTELS      http://ipanema.com/rio/hotels/e/hotipa.htm
There are some other terrific hotels in Ipanema, but the price tag goes up considerably.
You can splurge 2 blocks away at the oceanfront Fasano Hotel- favorite of Madonna,
Beyonce, Matthew McConaughey, and Coldplay for a cool $700-3500 a night.  (If you
can afford that, what are you doing working in school administration, hmmmm?)    For
less $$, you can always try Sol Ipanema, Ipanema Inn, Caesar Park, or Everest, -but
their prices begin over $250 a night for 2 persons.