Linda Orozco, Ph.D.
Professor, Leader & International Globe-Trotter

Linda Orozco is a leader in educational administration and global leadership.  She is
Professor Emeritus at California State University.  With over 40 years of experience in
school leadership and university teaching/administration; she also served as Dean at
Coastline Community College, and Director of Tier II Professional Graduate Program at
California State University.  She was also President of the California Association of
Professors of Educational Leadership (CAPEA), and a member of the California State Task
Force on educational leadership preparation and certification.

She presents and publishes both nationally and internationally in her research fields of
school leadership, diversity, international leadership, and educational technology. She
served as a FulbrightScholar to Thailand.  She most recently directed international
programs for school leaders to Thailand and Brazil for nine years.  She is currently engaged
in research and publishing on international education, global leadership, and trends in
Americans abroad.  

Dr. Orozco was born and raised in Los Angeles.  She travels extensively; and enjoys many
outdoor activities. She is an active runner, having completed 20 marathons including Los
Angeles, New York, Paris (France), and Athens (Greece).  In addition, she is an avid surfer.  
She speaks conversational Portuguese (Brazilian) and Spanish, and is working on her
Italian.  She believes through immersion in world cultures, customs, education, music, and
languages we learn the art of living in peace with grace and appreciation.  

Her passion for travel leads her to many international destinations.  However, she favors
spending time at 'home' in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Amalfi Coast, Italy; Waikiki, Hawaii; and
Newport Beach, California.  And as an American, she holds residential status in both Brazil
and Italy.