Addressing Childhood Obesity: Implementing Effective Physical Education
Programs in Schools
School administrators can be a source for change in implementing and supporting effective
physical education programs that address worldwide concerns of childhood obesity and
poor nutrition. Evidence clearly shows physical educators are at the forefront of addressing
the alarming statistics of inadequate exercise and diet, and their effect on children’s capacity
to learn.   
Paul Birkeland or
Assistant Principal, Los Angeles Unified School District

Math for Special Education Students
Math is sometimes confusing for general education students.  It can be even more difficult
for Special Education students.  This session will look at several processing disorders
common in special education students and suggest some ways of doing math that will make
the material more accessible to them.
Joann Kennelly
Director of Special Education, Centinela Valley Union High School District

Multiple Intelligences - How we learn best
This interactive workshop will provide a brief overview of multiple intelligences, allow the
audience members to identify their strongest intelligence, and give examples of how to
provide learning opportunities for students with each of the different modalities of learning.  
Craig Knotts
Assistant Principal, Celerity Nascent Charter School

Increasing the Relevance in the Classroom through Project-Based Learning
Students should be able to connect the knowledge they acquire to
everyday life. Project-Based Learning engages students by putting them at the
center of the project- requiring them to learn course materials in
order to complete the project.  This segment will showcase PBL as used in
New Tech High Schools.
Daniel Gumarang or
School Improvement Facilitator, Los Angeles Unified School District

Character Education in the School
Character education is not simply about obedience; it is about teaching young people to
make sound judgments, good habits of thought, feeling and action, combined with the
capacity to discern right from wrong. This presentation examines the movement of character
education and takes an in-depth look at bullying.
Daniel Guliasi (work) or (home)
Principal, Loma Verde Elementary School, Novato Unified School District

Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)
The unexpected death of a student or staff member can be one of the most disruptive
incidents to impact a school.  This presentation explores how CISM strategies facilitate a
process to effectively manage this type of crisis in a school community.
JoAnne Motter
Assistant Principal, Tustin Unified School District

Celebrating Academic and Social Achievement: Building and Sustaining Smaller
Learning Communities
Cultivating a school community of care and rigor may feel like a daunting endeavor in a large
school context. This presentation will highlight ways for creating structures to better support
students’ academic and social needs. The use of teams, advisories, and community/town
hall meetings in recognizing students and their achievement will be underscored.  
Monique Brinson  
Assistant Principal, John Adams Middle Sch., Santa-Monica Unified School District

Helping Schools and Students Succeed Through Student-Centered Dialogue
Learn different strategies that ensure the success of all students, but in particular those who
are at-risk, through student-centered dialogue.  {Participants will learn an effective strategy
called Socratic Seminar. Seminars foster understanding of complex ideas and information,
and reinforce essential reading, writing and collaboration skills.
Yolanda T. Rangel, Ed.D.
Administrator, Santee Education Complex High School, School of Public Service &
Social Justice, Los Angeles Unified School District

Building Leadership from the Inside Out: Teaching to the Whole Child
Leadership development in young children begins with developing their “internal compass”
so they can value and find their power/purpose through the lifelong process of self-
cultivation.  This session will share practices that help children use the power of knowledge,
power of courage, power of compassionate right action, and power of stillness.
Minh-Tram Nguyen
Principal, EnCompass Academy, Oakland Unified School District

Differentiated Instruction: Its been around since the one room school house
What is it? Why is successful? Do students like it? How to put it
into place in your classroom this school year.
Emily Kirkpatrick, M.A. or
Assistant Principal, Roseland Elementary School District

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Linda Orozco, Ph.D.    
Founder & Director, Leadership Innovation
Dr. Orozco received her Ph.D. in educational administration from the University of
Minnesota; her M.A. from Calif. State University, Long Beach; and her B.A. from Whittier
College.  She is Director of the Professional Administration Credential Program and
Professor of Educational Leadership at California State University, Fullerton. Her
experience includes 23 years in educational leadership including both public and private
educational settings, district and county offices of education, and higher education
administration.  Major research and publication endeavors include technology in education
and administration, educating diverse populations, as well as effective interagency
collaboration.  She continues to conduct research internationally including Brazil, Thailand
and Vietnam.  She is an avid surfer and runner.
Skypename: lindachristineorozco

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