Inclusion: Mainstreaming Students with Special Needs
Mutual benefits exist for all students when students with special needs are included into general education. This presentation
highlights these benefits and identifies key supports used to successfully “mainstream” special education students into the
least restrictive environment of regular education classes.
Sue Warnock-Brooks
Special Education Coordinator, Fairfield-Suisun Unified School District, Fairfield, California

Connecting the Classroom to Your Community
“Service learning” is a teaching and learning strategy that combines classroom lessons to meaningful community based
projects. It is extremely powerful in promoting civic responsibility, building good character and positive work ethics. This
workshop will provide you project samples and the tools to get started in just about any class subject.
Jerry Devries
Assistant Principal – Counseling Services, Los Angeles Unified School District

Life Long Learners- Welcome to English as a Second Language
Designed for beginning English Language Learners addressing immediate student needs.  Learners will develop
communicative competence in listening, speaking, reading, and writing, along with a sequence of grammatical structures that
will be integrated in the context of everyday situations.  
Nancy Sferra
Assistant Principal,    Los Angeles Unified School District

Art Integration into the Classroom: The Power of Learning for Students with Special Needs (ie EL, GATE,
The Visual and Performing Arts offer us more than pretty colors and projects to hang on our wall.  Experience how
integrating art into the classroom and around the school engage students, develop work ethic, and increase learning.  
Includes examples of how the arts impact Gifted, English Learners, and Special Education students.
Julie Duddridge
Assistant Principal-Elementary, Newport-Mesa Unified School District, California

Responding to Children in Crisis
This seminar is designed to provide strategies and techniques for administrators and teachers in dealing with students
exhibiting severe behaviors.  Participants will learn to identify the antecedents to dangerous behavior and develop models
for preventing a classroom crisis
Marcia Koff or
Assistant Principal-Elementary, Los Angeles Unified Schools

Thinking Maps- A Visual Tool For Organizing Thoughts
How can you help your students organize their thoughts, ideas, and learning?  Using eight separate Thinking Maps, you will
learn to identify and use thinking strategies that progress from the simple to the complex.  Participants will leave ready to
teach each of these Thinking Maps to students through autobiographical activities.
Victoria Littlejohn
Assistant Principal-Elementary, Los Angeles Unified School District

Using Technology to Build a Positive School Culture
A unified message of high expectations is necessary to building a positive school environment and a college-bound culture.  
During this workshop you will see how student-generated short films were designed to convey messages that motivate
students to "Do the Right Thing" and chart their course to college.  
Elva Cortez Covarrubias
Assistant Principal-Middle School, Los Angeles Unified School District

Student Empowerment and Motivation Through School Involvement
Active involvement in the school community increases student commitment to become motivated learners while they work
toward positive school change.  Based on Development Assists and future-focused change strategies, this presentation will
outline how to create student involvement opportunities.
Jennifer Huang
Assistant Principal, Alhambra Unified School District

Thinking Outside the Box
Learn how to modify your curriculum in a way that will encourage your students’ creativity, self confidence, and critical
thinking skills.  Find out how asking more divergent questions encourages students to use the higher level thinking skills and
helps them to develop lifelong problem-solving skills.
Laura Turner
Principal CCHAT Center - Sacramento, California

Turn Your Classroom into a Writing Workshop
Teaching grammar, sentence structure and spelling is relatively easy. But how do you teach the art of writing?  Writing
Workshops help students develop lifelong, daily habits that lead to a better understanding of themselves and their place in
the world.  Students become better writers and the authors of their own life stories.
Natalie Tee Gaither  or
Principal  Alhambra Unified School District

A Common Language for Meaningful Learning
Thinking Maps is a language of eight visual patterns that are used in all content areas. They are most effective when used
together as tools in response to the purpose of a learning objective, an outcome or  performance assignment task. You will
have the opportunity to create effective Thinking Maps.
Reyna V. Corral
Categorical Programs Coordinator, Los Angeles USD

Bully Prevention Program
Every day in our schools and communities, children are teased, threatened or tormented by bullies.  Bullying is a problem
that creates a climate of fear that affects the whole school.  You will learn how to identify, and understand bullying behavior,
how bullying behavior affects learning, and how schools, teachers, administrators , students and parents can work together
to provide a safe learning environment.
Giselle Quintero
Program Coordinator, Student Intervention/Extended Learning Academy Program, Los Angeles Unified School District

Students View of Their Own Intelligence can Impact Their Academic Success
Scientific studies show that teaching students that their intelligence can grow and increase, helps them do better in school.
Teaching students a "growth mindset" can positively impact their academic performance, confidence, and self-esteem as
well as changing a child's attitude towards learning and their willingness to put forth effort.
Gustavo Reyes
Assistant Principal-Middle School, Los Angeles Unified School District

Creating Sustainable Leadership in Education
Are you a leader that empowers those around you or a manager that continues to run from task to task?  Leaders can be
found in the classroom, the clerical staff, and in administration.  Come learn five strategies that will assist you in managing
your time so you can lead from your heart.
Ginger Merritt
Assistant Principal – Los Angeles County High School for the Arts, Los Angeles County Office of Education

Getting Students Involved in Learning
Ensure the success of all students by engaging them in the learning process. Participants will learn activities where students
effectively and actively participate in the classroom.  This workshop will include handouts.
Andrea Rodriguez
Assistant Principal, Los Angeles Unified School District

Professional Learning Communities
Learn the key concepts, questions, and building blocks in order to create a Professional Learning Community at your
school.  This presentation will provide you with the basic components needed in order to create a collaborative school
culture that focuses on inquiry, best practices, student learning, and results.
Paige Kasun
Vice Principal-Middle School, Novato Unified School District

How To Teach Overactive or Inattentive Students
Participants will learn techniques to effectively instruct students exhibiting behaviors resembling Attention Deficit and
Hyperactive Disorder or that are inattentive. Also, learning the effectiveness of positive reinforcement, and practical
applications. The importance of building the "Triangle of Success" with teacher, student, and parent.  Also, communicating
clear expectations, and differentiating instruction.
Brunel Merilus
SLC Administrator, School of Travel Tourism and Culinary Studies, Los Angeles Unified School District

Test Results: An Interactive Learning Experience for Kids
Assessment results should provide students with more than just scores or grades. If presented in an interactive manner, test
results can provide students with additional learning experiences that help them learn from their mistakes. In this workshop,
we will explore a variety of ways to debrief test results with students so that each experience is engaging, meaningful,
effective, and fun.
Jenny Grant
Assistant Principal, Anaheim Union High School District

How to Teach All Learners
Learn how different students learn, and how to ensure that everyone can understand your lessons and have success in the
classroom. Concrete ideas for classroom management, arangement, activities, and lesson presentation will be discussed.
Peter Van Tassel
Vice Principal-Middle School, Oakland Unified School District

Thinking Maps
Summary:  Thinking Maps is a type of visual tools that is used to transfer thinking processes, integrate learning, and for
continuously assessing progress.  The eight maps are: (1) circle map, (2) bubble map, (3) double-bubble map, (4) tree map,
(5) brace map, (6) flow map, (7) multi-flow map, and the (8) bridge map.
Debbie Kotani
Assistant Principal of Business and Activities at Alhambra High School, Alhambra Unified School District

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Linda Orozco, Ph.D.    
Founder & Director, Leadership Innovation
Dr. Orozco received her Ph.D. in educational administration from the University of Minnesota; her M.A. from Calif. State
University, Long Beach; and her B.A. from Whittier College.  She is Director of the Professional Administration Credential
Program and Professor of Educational Leadership at California State University, Fullerton. Her experience includes 23
years in educational leadership including both public and private educational settings, district and county offices of
education, and higher education administration.  Major research and publication endeavors include technology in education
and administration, educating diverse populations, as well as effective interagency collaboration.  She continues to conduct
research internationally including Brazil, Thailand and Vietnam.  She is an avid surfer and runner.
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