Common Expectations, Pacing and Assessments for Student Success
When students know what they are expected to learn and teachers know when and what they are to teach and when they
will teach it, positive results happen.  The presentation covers identifying essential learned skills, creating pacing guides for
teaching them and developing formative and summative assessments to gauge mastery.
Greg Stanley
Assistant Principal, West Covina High School, West Covina USD

“Pay Attention!” – The Role of Attention in the Learning Process
Learn how you can help all your students pay attention better so they will learn better. Participants will rate their own
attention skills using a tool they can then use with students across the grade levels. Strategies to improve attention problems
in the classroom will be provided and discussed.
David Gottlieb
Director of Learning Resources, Marin Primary & Middle School, Larkspur, California

Teens, Teachers & Trauma
Schools grapple with providing adequate student services especially for mental health care. This presentation overviews
teachers’ knowledge, beliefs, and behaviors regarding their secondary students’ feelings and behaviors following a traumatic
event in their lives. Results from a teacher psychological first aid educational program and teacher observations will be
Esther Gass
Assistant Principal, Le Conde Middle School, Los Angeles Unified School District

Learning through Writing
These easy, simple to use techniques will allow your students to learn each subject more deeply. You will learn how to use
writing before, during and after a lesson to assess what students have and have not learned. In the process, students will be
able to assess what they do and do not know about the content you have taught.
Elizabeth LaBorde
Assistant Principal, Tamalpais High School, Mill Valley, CA

Practice Makes Perfect
Using end-of-the term portfolio projects, students can learn the important skill of revision.  Educators meet students at their
current levels of achievement and push them to create their best work.  Multi-disciplinary approaches to portfolio projects,
the revision process, and grading rubrics will be shared.  Additionally, student work and feedback will be highlighted.
Victoria Dye
Assistant Principal, South San Francisco USD

Get Out!  Engaging Students in Outdoor and Environmental Education
In the midst of a global environmental crisis and in an era when kids are spending less time playing outside, how can we, as
educators, turn the tides?  This workshop will explore rationale, examples, and methods of outdoor and environmental
Dennis Guikema
Assistant Principal, Urban Promise Academy , Oakland Unified School District

Making Content Comprehensible for English Learners
English Learners are asked to comprehend grade level text that is often above their ability. Through scaffolding and students'
task they can "get it." Come learn a few strategies that will assist your English learners with Making Content
Mistie Barela
Assistant Principal, Edwin Markham Middle School, Partnership for Los Angeles Schools, CA

Making Schools From Good To Great; Applying Collins' Leadership Principles To Leadership
The bottom line is that public schools are a business, and general leadership principles from successful businesses can be
applied by school leaders to make schools more efficient and effective.  Learn strategies and principles that will help guide
your school to success long after you are gone.  
David Nygren
Assistant Principal, Rim of the World Unified School District

Writing Journals in Mathematics
Come and discuss the different purposes for using writing journals in mathematics.  Learn simple and easy to use strategies
that you can use to enhance student learning.  Take home strategies that you can use across grade levels and across lessons
right away.
Elizabeth Bernal
Assistant Principal, Partnership for Los Angeles Schools

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Linda Orozco, Ph.D.    
Founder & Director, Leadership Innovation
Dr. Orozco received her Ph.D. in educational administration from the University of Minnesota; her M.A. from Calif. State
University, Long Beach; and her B.A. from Whittier College.  She is Past Director of the Professional Administration
Credential Program and Professor of Educational Leadership at California State University, Fullerton. Her experience
includes 23 years in educational leadership including both public and private educational settings, district and county offices
of education, and higher education administration.  Major research and publication endeavors include technology in
education and administration, educating diverse populations, as well as effective interagency collaboration.  She continues to
conduct research internationally including Brazil, Thailand and Vietnam.  She is an avid surfer and runner.
Skypename: lindachristineorozco

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