Meaningful Warm-Up Activities
Whether in the classroom or at a meeting for staff, a meaningful warm-up activity can focus all participants on the immediate
objectives. A poorly designed activity can waste time and lead to uninvolved participants. Attendees will learn what makes
for an effective warm-up for the classroom or staff meeting.
Chris Mullins   
Specialist, Periodic Assessment Unit, Los Angeles Unified School District

A Positive Approach to School-Wide Behavior
A system of School-Wide Positive Behavior Support (SWPBS) is an effective way to prevent student behavior problems.  
Using defined positive behavioral expectations and consistent rewards, this system reduces instances of bad behavior and
increases student achievement.  Actual examples from California schools will demonstrate the effectiveness of this program.
Kirk Jordan
Assistant Director, Santa Monica Boulevard Community Charter School, Los Angeles

The Power of Project-Based Learning
Project-Based Learning is a powerful instructional method that requires vision, structure, and a solid understanding of the
learning process. Students who understand the meaning of what they are learning retain more and feel the pride of
accomplishment.  Learn to design a fun and effective project to maximize student learning!
Nancy Compton
Principal, Charles Jones Career & Education Center , Sacramento City Unified School District

Developing a Whole-School Reading Program
As educated adults, we know that many of our high school students struggle with reading, and urgently need to become
better readers. How do we convince our students that reading well and reading critically is not only a necessary life skill, but
a part of being a life-long learner, and living an enriched, informed life?
Merri Garcia
Assistant Principal, Gertz-Ressler High School , LA Alliance for College-Ready Schools   

Bullying:  Schoolyard Play or Serious Anti-Social Behavior?
One-third of all youth in grades 6-10 are estimated to be involved in bullying.  Explore the myths about bullying, what
constitutes bullying behavior, risk factors for both bullies and victims of bullies, tips for on-the-spot intervention and how to
start a Bullying Prevention Program at your school.
Michael Partridge
Assistant Principal, McAlister High School-CYESIS, Los Angeles USD

How the Brain Learns
The latest brain research debunks the myth of multi-tasking while impacting classroom instruction.  Using technology that
"sees" inside the brain, design curriculum to enhance student learning, differentiate instruction to appeal to multiple
intelligences, and address right brain/left brain strengths and weaknesses.
Janice Hickey
Assistant Superintendent, Educational Services, El Segundo USD

Professional Learning Communities
The days of teaching in isolation are over. We are moving into an era where teachers are expected to collaborate with their
colleagues to share best practices, develop common pacing plans and utilize student data to inform instruction. Come learn
about the power and benefits of Professional Learning Communities (PLCs).
Candy Quintanilla  
Assistant Principal, South Gate High School , Los Angeles Unified School District

Addressing the Achievement Gap in Algebra
This session will describe the approach of one urban district for significantly improving student achievement in algebra and
other high school mathematics courses.  The approach combines centralized professional development for teachers and
principals and site-based professional learning communities engaged in continual cycles of inquiry around teacher practice
and student work.   
Cleo Protopapas
Administrator on Special Assignment, Algebra Initiative, Oakland USD

Using Formative Assessment to Monitor Student Learning
It isn't just about what you TAUGHT, it's about what students LEARNED!  Educators will learn how to use assessment
data to spark powerful conversations that will improve teaching and learning. This workshop will present an over the
difference between types of assessments, how to structure conversations focused on students learning to plan next steps.
Linda Bueno-Alahwal
Student Intervention Specialist, Long Beach Unified School District

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Linda Orozco, Ph.D.    
Founder & Director, Leadership Innovation
Dr. Orozco received her Ph.D. in educational administration from the University of Minnesota; her M.A. from Calif. State
University, Long Beach; and her B.A. from Whittier College.  She is Past Director of the Professional Administration
Credential Program and Professor of Educational Leadership at California State University, Fullerton. Her experience
includes 23 years in educational leadership including both public and private educational settings, district and county offices
of education, and higher education administration.  Major research and publication endeavors include technology in
education and administration, educating diverse populations, as well as effective interagency collaboration.  She continues to
conduct research internationally including Brazil, Thailand and Vietnam.  She is an avid surfer and runner.
Skypename: lindachristineorozco

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