Want to know more about rehabs in your city, or information about a specific
address?  Only 'state-licensed' rehab information is available.*  There are THREE
ways of securing information FORMALLY and RELIABLY on state-licensed rehab

NO residential treatment facility can be licensed by Calif. Alcohol and Drug Programs
without first getting a City Fire Inspection Report completed by the city's Fire
Marshall/Chief.  This includes both 7 and over, and 6 and under occupancy.  SO, if you
wish to know exactly how many of these facilities operate WITH STATE LICENSING in a
city, simply ask your own fire dept for the data.  ALL licensed facilities are required to
renew their state license every 2 years.  So accurate data for ALL licensed houses is
within each city's Fire Department.

2.  CALL/CONTACT: Calif. Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs (ADP)  
1700 K Street, Sacramento, CA 95814
The Calif. Dept of Alcohol and Drug Programs( ADP) is the agency that monitors and
issues CA state licenses to these businesses in a residential home.  ADP cannot issue a
license without a Fire Inspection Report from the city Fire Marshall (#1 above).  After
homes are licensed by ADP, they maintain a website listing ALL state-licensed homes in
Calif.  Go to the link above to view it directly.  Unfortunately, the website is organized by
county- so if you are looking for a specific address, or city, you will need to do some
'scrolling'.  Note: this website only shows property addresses- not number of units
(apartments, for example).  So if you wish to know how many individual apartments/units,
you would need to pull off all the addresses, and then drive around and check for
yourself.  For example, the city of Newport Beach has 24 properties licensed, but this
totals 44 units licensed, while a total of 100 houses are operating as rehabs illegally.

An official call to CA. Dept. of Alcohol and Drug Programs (ADP) would ALSO provide the
official data you require.  However, please ask ADP for residential treatment homes
licensed AND licensed and certified.  Last month ADP tried to tell me only 4 facilities were
licensed in Newport!  When I pressed the point, they said, "Oh, you want 'licensed' AND
'licensed & certified'? Not just licensed?"..  So you get the point, even ADP is trying to
downplay the numbers.  'Certified'  means the counselors in the facility are of a higher
quality than other facilities.  Very few homes are 'certified' as it requires much more rigor,
and service- and most facilities in are in operation for the money, not quality services to

ADP is the Calfornia Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs.  It is their responsibility
to license all rehab houses, even if there is only ONE ADDICT in treatment.  However,
ADP is in partnership with the California Dept. of Corrections (PRISONS!), and WANTS as
many rehab homes open as possible.

After five years of dealing with this CA state agency, I (Dr. Linda Orozco) have personally
experienced ADP's avoiding complaints, withholding public information, non-return of
calls, and finally, dealing with THEIR ATTORNEY.  Some of my questions, public
information demands are now making them nervous.  AND their STAFF are now told to
direct questions to their 'website' or one administrator.  The administrator's job is to get
RID of complaints.  ADP does NOT want to hear from you!  Try calling them, and asking
for PUBLIC INFORMATION on licensed houses, pending applications, and complaints.  
Good luck- watch their 'bobbing and weaving' YOUR questions!  Their number is:

On their website, it is now impossible to find the CURRENT statewide list of ALL rehab
houses WITH ADDRESSES in California.  WHY?   ADP doesn't want this data out there.  
Currently, the list of ALL addresses of rehabs in CA are online at:
BUT be assured, ADP will move the webpage again-- to keep this info out of the hands of
the public! IF you can't find it:  CALL them and ask staff to direct you TO THE WEBPAGE
PHONE WITH YOU  or you will never find it.   916-322-9897   

* UNLICENSED REHAB HOUSE?  TURN THEM IN!!! Houses with addicts
'in-treatment', must be state licensed.  ALL of them.  If you suspect a home
is operating as a rehab business, but does not have a state license- report
them!  Gather as much information as possible which makes you suspect
they are treating addicts- for example: groups coming and going,
residents carrying notebooks, and other materials, ask the addicts if they
are in treatment, take pictures from your property or public property of foot
traffic, vehicle traffic, etc.  Call Calif. Department of Alcohol and Drug
Programs (ADP)   916-322-9897   File a formal report, and call ADP every 2
weeks until they do something! REPORT THEM TO ADP and your city!
by City or Individual Address