Comparison with 'Narconon- Warner Springs'
(San Diego County)'

    Newport 'Narconon' Occupancy = 49 persons on a 30' by 105' lot
    San Diego "Narconon' Occupancy = 45 persons on THIRTY ACRES!!!

According to San Diego County Planning and Land Use (DPLU) Narconon- Warner
Springs' total property overall is 30 acres (1,306,800 square feet), the area that
contains the buildings and where active use is allowed is 2 acres (87,120 square
feet). They can use the rest of the property for walks and meditation.

There is a separate dining building with kitchen attached.  And there is recreational
room that can accommodate 44 individuals.

Narconon in Newport is allowed 49 persons on an OCEANFRONT property 30 feet
wide, and 105 feet long.  This is a VERY small area, with neighbors only 6 feet away!  
See picture of this triplex building below.  Only 3 off-street parking spaces.  Compare
that occupancy with the Narconon site in San Diego.  'Narconon-Warner Springs' is
restricted to total 45 persons on 30 acres of property!  THIRTY ACRES!!!  What is
Newport thinking by allowing 49 persons in a lot only 30' by 100'??

INSANITY, you bet!  Newport City corruption and 'conflict of interest'?  You be
the judge.