+++See video below+++

One of the more egregious violations by these facilities is their efforts to
double, triple or even quadruple their licensed occupancy.  They love to
‘transport’ addicts from apartments or motels in other locations, to these state-
licensed rehab properties for ‘treatment’ during the day- only.  Simply follow one
of the many vans with darken windows driving from/to these properties each
day, and see the momentary doubling of occupancy or ‘changing of the guard’
as neighbors refer to it.  

VIDEO of the disruption this creates in a residential neighborhood TWICE or
more daily!  [click arrow to start- wait as it takes up to 30 seconds to load]

Addicts residing on the property overnight are shuttle to an off-site location
(including motels) or on the sand in Newport Beach (!), while a new group of
addicts are bought in for only the day!  Thus, an operator with a ‘treatment
capacity’ of 6, can treat 12 with only one ‘changing of the guard’.  And this
disgusting process permits rehab operators to stay within the ‘client capacity’ of
the property.  ADP won't stop rehabs from doing this, and occupancy limits can't
stop it either.  ONLY city zoning can stop it.

As these rehab operators have gotten greedier, multiple ‘changing of the guard’
are possible daily.  Currently there is nothing from stopping them from
‘changing the guard’ every hour—8am-5pm-- and thereby ‘treat’ 54 total addicts
a day—And only 6 would sleep at the property, while 48 of the addicts sleep

Since there is no intervention preventing them, and each rehab wants to be
treated without discrimination, then Narconon Inc. (at 1810 W. Oceanfront, in
Newport Beach) with a ‘treatment capacity’ of 27, could treat 243 addicts daily, if
they chose to ‘change the guard’ every hour!  This is simply insane.  And even
more insane given the 90% criminal conviction rate of all addicts in these

Restrict all licensed facilities to ONLY treat addicts residing full-time on the
property.  Ban ‘outpatient services’ at ALL state-licensed properties as a
condition of operation in a city, based on ‘reasonable use’ of the property-
nuisance created by vehicle traffic, noise, foot traffic, trash, support vehicles,

YES, the city has a right to enforce ‘local use’ provisions.  Neither Calif. state
policy (nor ‘handicapped discrimination’ threats) should deter local city
authorities from using and enforcing their full local zoning authority.