Rehabs = Ruined Neighborhoods

    If a rehab fails to lock down knives, fails to provide required 24 hour staff supervision, fails to fix
    their broken alarm system which would keep addicts IN the rehab a night & even fails to call
    police when 4 addicts escape-- the rehab is NOT responsible for the stabbing of two people.  
    Rehabs do NOT owe a duty to their neighbors to exercise reasonable care to control the
    wrongful conduct of their addicts (residents) EVEN IF THEY ARE 'CRIMINAL JUSTICE CLIENTS
    or inmates from the Dept. of Corrections.  Rehabs do NOT owe a duty to the public.
    DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTIONS!!!!  Read details of this shocking conclusion by the Calif.
    Court of Appeals on August 29, 2007.  Click here.

    See the over-occupancy of one rehab (triplex) as videotaped by a neighbor.  Over three dozen on
    the property, when the limit was 27 -set by the city Fire Marshall.  And think of the number of
    people still IN the property, and not on the roof!  Entire neighborhood's safety has been
    Click here to See Video

    One of the more egregious violations by these facilities is their efforts to double, triple or even
    quadruple their licensed occupancy.  They ‘transport’ addicts from apartments or motels in other
    locations, to these
    state-licensed rehab properties for ‘treatment’ during the day- only.
    See video and Read more...  Stop Outpatients

    Many rehab require LOTS of service trucks for mail, food, special trash pickup services, etc.  See
    the confusion, traffic, and blocked access to cars and residents.

    Many rehab houses have so many clients & employees that they must use commercial trash
    dumpsters and have special trash pickups daily!  See what problems are created.
    Trash Service



Feb. 13, 2006
Leona Valley Town Council Meeting:  

My name is Dr. Linda Orozco and I have lived with Narconon (residential treatment home) as a
‘neighbor’ for over 7 years.  I strongly encourage you to reject Narconon, and work intensely to block
them from coming into your neighborhood.  Thank you for allowing me to share my experience and
that of dozens of neighbors of the multi-million dollar Narconon business in Newport Beach.  

Narconon rents an oceanfront residential triplex at 1810 W. Oceanfront, on the Newport Beach
peninsula.  The property has NO street access, only a narrow alleyway--which we all share to access
our garages/carports and homes.  One must drive past at least twelve other properties on both sides
of the alleyway to access Narconon.  Please note, our windows and homes are located only a few
feet from this alleyway.  We, as neighbors, were always aware of the high traffic, noise, littering,
profanity, lack of parking, and high occupancy use of this property.  Over the years, city officials
pushed our complaints away by saying, “Narconon is licensed by the state of California and there is
nothing you can do.”  We now know better.  But we continue to suffer because this multi million dollar
business continues to ‘cultivate’ favor with our local government leaders, and threatened lawsuits
when anyone tries to correct, limit, or stop their expansion in this property.  [I have personally received
2-3 letters threatening legal action against me by Narconon because of my ‘legal’ efforts to expose
their lies, illegal operations, and document their intrusion/disruption of our neighborhood.]

Over the years, here is what we have observed, videotaped, photographed and suffered through.  
Remember, this is a $4 million dollar a year business on a residential property ($25,000 per addict
for a 2-5 month stay):

Repeated violations of maximum occupancy limits observed by neighbors, videotaped, and
documented in written violations by the state licensing agency, Calif. Dept. of Alcohol and Drug
Programs (ADP).

Narconon houses addicts/clients on the property with 27 beds, and 29 full time staff (documented by
ADP).  The property only has 3 parking spaces!  In addition, they bring in dozens more PER DAY with
at least 3 vans they operate specifically for this purpose.  Vans arrive in the morning, and take the
additional clients back to other residences (in Costa Mesa and other cities) in the evening.  Because
we have videotaped these illegal ‘overage clients’, Narconon now drops them 1-2 blocks away from
their property, and they all walk in from various directions to the Narconon house.  (We have even
videotaped this practice)  It is all a farce and a sham attempt to get more and more clients served by
this oceanfront residential property with 27 beds.  

All vehicles by staff/clients place an enormous burden on traffic and public parking around this
oceanfront residential property (with only alley access!).  Yet they claimed in a City Council meeting
that the 29 staff don’t drive, but instead ‘bicycle’ to the property.  Really?  NO!  We see and experience
the lack of public parking and alley traffic (and the blocking of the alley) in our neighborhood to sustain
the vehicles by Narconon.

    +Commercial trash service, with commercial trash containers, and ’special’ trash trucks
    picked up on an almost daily basis.  This has now been reduced to 3-4 times a week, plus
    our own city service to our homes.  The result is we have trash trucks in our neighborhood, in
    our narrow alleyway ALMOST EVERY DAY.  
    +Daily deliveries by FedEx trucks.
    +Multiple deliveries a week from Office Depot
    +Regular (multiple times a week) maintenance vehicles for plumbing, rug cleaning, electrical,
    repair, handywork, cable, etc.  Don’t fall for their claim (nor their attempt) to show you receipts
    proving limited services of this type- they did this with our city council.  We see it every day, and
    have tired from taking the pictures.  
    +The drug/alcohol rehabilitation nature of the business also requires regular doctors’ visits,
    drug testing vans, paramedic vans, etc..  
    +To feed the overwhelming large number of residents and staff, there are delivery vehicles
    twice a week from SYSCO foods, and 2 twice for fresh produce.  For years, SYSCO delivered
    in large (and I mean LARGE) refrigeration semi- trucks.  Deliveries would take almost 30
    minutes while the truck motor idled in a very small shared public alleyway.  The alleyway
    would be completely blocked during these times.  For over a year we complained to Narconon
    and the city, both did nothing.  Finally we contacted SYSCO, and the President of the company
    kindly responded to our complaints and now deliveries by SYSCO commercial food service, is
    done with multiple vans.  A much needed improvement, but still impacts traffic and blocks the
    +Multiple times a month, paramedics, fire &/or police are called to the property.  Overdoses by
    addicts, fights, and other problems requiring fire/police have become a routine for our
    +Sundays are visitors day!  Expect a doubling of people on the property as relatives and
    friends of the ‘clients’ come on Sunday.  Also remember that according to David Feinberg, an
    administrator from Calif. Dept. of Alcohol and Drug Program, 80-90% of clients in these
    facilities have criminal convictions.  Imagine the ‘friends and family’ that will now be welcomed
    into YOUR neighborhood?  

The vehicular traffic and necessary public parking needed to maintain the operation of this business
is staggering, and has negatively impacted our neighborhood.

In October 2003, the neighborhood became enraged to find Narconon opening a SECOND separate
property at 1811 W. Balboa Blvd.  This location was just across a 20 ft wide alley from their first
house.  We began to aggressively find out more about this ‘business’ and try to protect the
‘residential quality of our neighborhood’.  In March of 2004, Narconon announced in a City Council
meeting that they were closing the 2nd residential rehab in response to the neighbors.  Narconon
lied.  The Calif. Dept. of Alcohol and Drug Programs closed them down.  We didn’t find this out for
months until we forced ADP to give us copies of public access documents.  [See ADP letter dated

As noted, above, the traffic noise is terrible.

We regularly hear yelling, fighting, profanity, spitting, vomiting, coughing. etc..  With the large number
of people on this one residential property 29 full time staff, and 27 beds, (plus more clients delivered
daily by van), just imagine how disrupting these sounds are to children, the elderly, and ourselves.

We have suffered thru the noise and disruption of commercial vacuum cleaners and commercial
washers/dryers.  Again, imagine the volume of clothing generated by this many people.  These
appliances seemed to be operating around the clock.  These could easily be heard by neighbors
almost 4 homes away from Narconon.   

Foot traffic.  These clients and staff walk thru the neighborhood on a regular basis coming to and
from the property.  Trespassing thru our property by Narconon ‘clients’ has been a problem.  Their
talking, yelling, coughing, smoking- pass by our windows/homes constantly.  We estimate that there
are almost as many persons on this single residential tract as there are on the entire block of other
residences COMBINED.   

Recruitment & Tours: Narconon recruits new clients by giving tours and orientations to prospective
clients on the property.  They have even hosted large numbers of international visitors as they
continue to expand their international business.

Cigarette butts and Littering.  We are amazed at the constant smoking of clients and staff at
Narconon.  And we continue with efforts to stop them from littering their cigarette butts on our
properties or smoking outside our windows in the alleyway.  This may sound like a mild issue, but
neighbors report problems cigarette butts everywhere in great volume.  I have picked up over 50 butts
from my property alone in just a matter of one week.

The city issues a business license to Narconon.  On the city’s website for their business license,
ZERO employees are listed for Narconon.  Why?  Narconon is state-licensed with 29 full time staff.  
Why does Narconon continue to mis-represent the truth about this business?
City Business License Website:
Bus. #        Company        Ownership Type        Address        Status        # of Emps
Active         0

Based on our experience, we encourage Leona Valley to consider intervening to stop Narconon from
entering additional residential neighborhoods based on the violations, intrusions, disruptions, and
suffering we, the neighbors of this business in Newport Beach, have experienced.  

In sharing my experience and FACTS with you—Narconon may try to silence me again with legal
threats.  These threats are illegal and violate ‘anti-SLAPP’ legislation in California, which protect
individuals speaking/writing on public issues in a public meeting.  Is THIS the kind of business you
want in your neighborhood?  One that has a proven record of threatening neighbors with legal action
when they tell the TRUTH in public meetings, and try to protect their families, neighborhoods and

Dr. Linda Orozco